SIX in ONE Introduction price €100 PCM,.* * + Design & Placement costs

BYM advertising philosophy is based on the fundamental principle that has governed advertising since the very beginning; an advertisement is a means of visually getting a product message over, by the use of words and images.

Internet advertising has, in the past, been largely based on the notion that someone will see a linked advert on a website and click to go to the advertiser?s website, but experience shows that click through rates are extremely low. There is some difference of opinion, on average click through rates, but it is generally accepted as being somewhere between 0.25% and 1.50%, according to country and positioning.

BYM advertisements are aimed at visually putting your company?s name and product before a wide audience, so that YOUR name is remembered. Naturally, they also have hyperlinks.

bronze - in lh sidebar - available in three sizes

120x50 Available throughout the core site and news sections, these adverts can be scattered around the site, giving an advertiser a presence on several pages.

120x100 Big enough for a clearly defined image, this is a good low cost entry to new media advertising; a presence on a highly viewed site, without substantial financial commitment.

120x250 This can combine a well defined image and a statement. A substantial presentation, aimed mainly at service providers, who wish to deliver a text message as well as an image.

silver - block in rh sidebar, or banner at top of page

468x60 The traditional internet banner on which to send out a simple message, imposed over an attractive background that conveys a product message.

232x174 This block is large enough for a display advertisement to present products to brokers, dealers and the public at a fraction of the cost of paper magazine advertising.

gold - opening visual imagery (ovi) in rh sidebar

232x174 opening to 800x550, which is the equivalent of a full A4 page. This stunning format is intend to use visual impact to convey the desired image. Especially developed by BYM?s in-house design team, this opening presentation can contain one, or several different images within the enlarged version. The image, or images, can be linked to one, or more web pages. These advertisements are suitable for any situation that requires a quality visual presentation of a product or lifestyle.

exclusive presentations

The example OVIs on this page are examples from a creative study, carried out by the BYM design studio team, aimed at encouraging high net worth tourist families to visit Sydney, Australia.

Three attractions are featured, in each presentation, one intended to attract adults and the other aimed at younger family members. The ?hover? changes, from black and white to colour, subtly evoke the varying moods of this vibrant city, as well as presenting both the up market and livelier sides of Sydney.

Tell us about your product and target market and we will provide a concept suggestion free of charge.

Ordering and placement.

To place an order simply send the words and text, stating the advertisement type and place you require. Currently advertising is only available on the BYM News indexes.

All advertisements have a once only charge for placement and if applicable design.

Placement on the BYM website is from €10 for a logo to €25 for an OVI / Six in One.

Design is charged at €30 per hour. Typically a Six in One would take 2 hours.€60 plus placement €25 making a total of €85 in addition to the contract price for the advertising period.


All advertising is for a minimum period of three calendar months.

NOTE: Designs created by BYM News and its sub contractors are for use on the BYM News website and may not be used on other websites or in printed publications; Items supplied by the advertiser remain the intellectual property of the supplier. Placing an order for a design or construction of an advertisement constitutes acceptance of this condition.


All advertising is for periods of three calendar months. and must be pre-paid. A calendar month is deemed to be thirty days. VAT is not applicable.

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