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Monday, 08 October 2012

72 boats entered this year’s Tata Steel Sailing Clubs October Regatta, to include 7 RS Vareo's for the Gul Grand Prix Circuit of which 4 were club boats and 3 visitors.

3 races were planned for the Saturday with the first race postponed until 14:30hrs due to no wind.

Race 1

All crept off with a drifter of a start, but Jeremy Symons managed to break away leaving the rest almost standing still while he rounded the first mark. Eventually Alex Howard rounded in 2nd and Mark Govier 3rd. Jeremy finished first out of sight, Alex Howard second and Andrew Davies managed to come into the bottom mark on starboard to get through to a lucky 3rd.

Race 2

Another drifter of a start with Jeremy over and needing to return and restart.  Mark  made his way to round in 1st place followed by Jeremy  who managed to make his way past everyone else and John Locket 3rd. Mark had a problem with his spinnaker halyard causing him to lose several places.  Apart from Jeremy clearing off into the distance again, there was a close battle with the rest, with places changing on the downwind legs. Jeremy Symons finished 1st, John Locket 2nd and Andrew Davies 3rd.

Sundays racing was due to start at 10:30hrs, but again no wind so racing began at 11:30hrs.

Race 3

A force 2 gusting 3 was welcomed by all as they made a clean start. A close first beat with boats tacking for clear air. Andrew Davies made his way to the first mark on starboard with Andy Howard almost getting there 1st from port, had to go behind causing him to round in 4th behind Alex Howard in 2nd and Jeremy in 3rd. Andrew broke away down wind and finished clear ahead in 1st place while Jeremy changed places with Alex to finished in 2nd and 3rd.

Race 4

Another clean start with boats tacking for clean air. Jeremy  rounding in 1st,Andy  2nd and Alex  3rd. Andrew  gybed off and past Andy and Alex before rounding the bottom mark. On the second downwind leg Andrew  caught Jeremy and after a close gybing battle managed to pass and finish 1st, Andy held his position to finish 3rd in front of Alex .

Race 5

The wind had shifted direction slightly, allowing Jeremy who had spotted it, to come in for an impressive port flyer, passing all and leading to the first mark, with Alex rounding in 2nd and Andy  3rd. Jeremy had gybed left ahead towards the handicap fleet with Alex opting to stay right for clean air. Alex gybed for the bottom mark and passed Jeremy  with a big lead that he held for the next lap to finish 1st. Jeremy held on to 2nd place, while Andy was caught by the handicap fleet on starboard causing him to go wide of the bottom mark allowing Andrew  to stay high to get ahead and cross the line for a cheeky 3rd.

 Debbie Darling

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