Alpari World Match Racing:The case of the missing Monsoon

Tuesday, 04 December 2012

The Monsoon has been missing this year on the east coast of Malaysia and the unusual weather conditions continued today, and made for a quiet opening to competition at Kuala Terengganu. The first day of qualifying at the final event on the 2012 Alpari World Match Racing Tour saw only two flights sailed.

It’s not enough racing for even the most over-enthusiastic pundit to start to fill in their form guide, but YANMAR Racing’s Australian skipper, Peter Gilmour was satisfied with their score of one win, and one loss. ’We’re reasonably happy with the day, we’re still trying to sort out a few things, but all in all we’re looking quite strong. We’ve done a lot of practice here and we had been starting well in those races and I think that’s been important.’

YANMAR Racing started both their opening matches brilliantly, taking an early advantage off the line. In the first they landed Bjorn Hansen – the man leading the Tour into this final event – with two penalties, one right before, and one right after the starting gun. Hansen had to take the second one immediately and that gave YANMAR Racing a lead that was never really challenged.

The second race was against Hansen’s Swedish countryman, Johnie Berntsson and once again YANMAR Racing came off the line with the advantage, and quickly converted that to a lead up the first leg. They held it for a lap, but then on the third leg there was a shift in the breeze that gave Berntsson a controlling position, and allowed him to make a pass at the next mark. Berntsson held the lead down the final leg and left YANMAR Racing even at 1-1 for the opening session of qualifying.

‘The conditions here are very different to normal,’ commented Gilmour, ‘the river is usually swollen with rain, but this year it’s quiet. And today we got a light wind draining off the mountains with heavy rain in the morning that meant there was no chance of the sea breeze filling in. So it was light all day, and the race officials just couldn’t get any more matches away. Unfortunately, the forecast has the same story for tomorrow.’

YANMAR Racing are scheduled to race the next four flights so they will be back in action first thing tomorrow morning – assuming that racing starts on time. Their third match will start them off tomorrow against the 2009 World Champion, Adam Minoprio. Minoprio is returning to the Tour after a year away racing in the Volvo Ocean Race, and lost his first match against David Gilmour, Peter’s son. So Minoprio v Gilmour Part Two should be interesting…

The Monsoon Cup is the eighth and final event on this year’s Alpari World Match Racing Tour and is held in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia from the 3rd to the 8th December, 2012. The YANMAR Racing team are currently in fourth overall on the Tour standings, 6.75 points behind third placed Keith Swinton (AUS), with the gap to leaders Ian Williams (GBR) and Bjorn Hansen (SWE) set at 25.75 and 28 points respectively.

4th December 2012

Qualifying Round – After Two Flights
Pierre-Antoine Morvan 2 0 2
Taylor Canfield 2 0 2
Adam Minoprio 1 1 1
Johnie Berntsson 1 1 1
Peter Gilmour 1 1 1
David Gilmour 1 1 1
Phil Robertson 0 0 0
Laurie Jury 0 0 0
Ian Williams 0 0 0
Keith Swinton 0 0 0
Björn Hansen 0 2 0
Jeremy Koo 0 2 0

Overall Tour Championship Standings – after 7 stages:
Bjorn Hansen (SWE) Mekonomen Sailing Team – 104.25pts
Ian Williams (GBR) GAC Pindar – 102pts
Keith Swinton (AUS) Black Swan Racing – 83pts
Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing – 76.25pts
Pierre-Antoine Morvan (FRA) Vannes Agglo Sailing Team – 71pts
Laurie Jury (NZ) Kiwi Match – 70.25pts
Phil Robertson (NZ) WAKA Racing – 70pts
Johnie Berntsson (SWE) Berntsson Sailing Team – 68.25pts

Mark Chisnell

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