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Sweden & Germany Dometic Marine’s Condaria presents new APN Air Handler

Saturday, 19 January 2013

At this year’s boot Düsseldorf, Dometic Marine presents the sophisticated new APN Air Handler, which offers boat builders and owners a wide range of innovative features to improve safety, performance and eliminate heating odours.

Typical air handlers blow cool air into individual cabin and accommodation areas using the yacht’s central chilled water system. As an option to provide heat independent of the circulated water loop, air handlers can be equipped with an electric heating element which is normally installed directly in the inlet air stream where it is constantly exposed to moisture—which causes deterioration— and can also become a fire hazard if it should come into contact with a flammable substance while heating. In addition, when the heating element is first turned on, burning dust and residue that built-up during the cooling season can cause a burning smell to blow into the accommodation area.

Condaria’s new APN Air Handler features an innovative electric heating system which eliminates all these unwanted side effects and improves performance.

In the Condaria APN Air Handler, the stainless-steel electric heating element is incorporated directly within the evaporator’s water coil and is protected from moisture, dust, and potential flammables by a copper tube. The heating element’s copper tube touches the metal coil to make the entire coil part of the heat-producing process. This results in a larger heating area being created by a smaller heating element, and provides greater heating efficiency. The element’s copper jacket offers exceptional heat dispersion and eliminates direct contact with moisture, dust and debris to improve overall system efficiency, performance, longevity, and safety.

Condaria has also introduced a rotatable blower that significantly reduces OEM installation time and labour costs. The blower can also be adjusted when the air handler is already installed, so no guess work on its correct alignment is required.

The Condaria APN Air Handler also features a composite drain pan which eliminates rust to provide increased durability and longer life. The pan is also inverted to encourage drainage and channel water directly to its discharge points. This provides quick removal of condensate water that could otherwise spill, damaging interior fittings such as carpets and furniture.

For further information about the new APN Air Handler please visit Dometic Marine at stand A22 in Hall 11 at this year’s boot Düsseldorf.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 January 2013 )