Vendée Globe :A rough and tricky finale to Dominique Wavre

Tuesday, 05 February 2013

A rough and tricky finale to Dominique Wavre’s Vendée Globe

Dominique may have been hoping for a relaxed, gentle passage into Les Sables d’Olonne, but he has another thing coming. The Bay of Biscay is living up to its reputation and conditions are forecast to give the Swiss sailor a rough ride into the finish!

“After a lull while I make my way around the Azores High, the wind is going to fill in from the north west and my Bay of Biscay crossing is going to be absolutely freezing and pretty brutal!” said Dominique.

He will sail a fast reach home to a hero’s welcome from his sponsor Mirabaud who is sending a delegation to great him. This welcoming committee will be further boosted by supporters from the Société Nautique de Genève and his fellow Mirabaud team mates.

If conditions allow, the welcoming party will go out to the finish line on a boat and will accompany Dominique as he motors along the Port Olona channel to his final destination in the harbour of Les Sables d’Olonne. It will be quite a celebration!

Latest news from the race course

While François Gabart, Armel Le Cleac’h and Alex Thomson enjoy their success and recuperate after their epic race around the world, the Vendée Globe saga continues offshore. Jean-Pierre Dick crossed the finish line late afternoon yesterday without a keel – he was forced to take shelter from conditions in La Coruna briefly on his way to the finish. 

Mike Golding and Jean Le Cam are still locked in a battle for 5th place and should cross the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne tomorrow. Dominique is one day behind them and is expected to arrive on the 8 February in the early afternoon.

Arnaud Boissières is lying behind Dominique, and Javier Sanso who was giving Dominique a run for his money as they raced up the Atlantic Ocean, was forced to abandon the race on Sunday when he was rescued by helicopter from his life raft off the coast of Portugal, just a 1,000 miles from the finish.


05/02/2013  - 9:00 GMT :

1 MACIF - François Gabart 0.0 nm
2 Banque Populaire - Armel Le Cléac'h 0.0 nm
3 Hugo Boss - Alex Thomson 0.0 nm
4 Virbac Paprec 3 - Jean-Pierre Dick 0.0 nm
5 SynerCiel - Jean Le Cam 0.0 nm
7 Mirabaud - Dominique Wavre +411.8 nm

Bernard Schopfer

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