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Thursday, 07 March 2013

We have just wrapped up a short but intense training camp here in Miami. It was a four-day camp, running from 8:30am through 7pm, with meetings and on-the-water sessions. Three classes attended the camp, the skiffs, the 470's and the Nacra's.

The meetings covered anything from rig, sail and general boat set up, to tactical chats and chats with and from Olympic Medalists. Each class had multiple coaches in order to give different perspectives on what we were doing.

For Molly and I, we learned a great deal on land, while on the water, we were looking to just continue improving in all aspects of sailing the boat. Molly's ankle is making big strides (no pun intended) and every time we step in the boat it seems easier and we feel more comfortable/competent. But we both know we have a long way to go to be good.

This was our first time sailing in the ocean and with waves (rather than on the bay) so it added another challenging dimension for us. The wind also ranged from 2kts to 25kts which again tested our skills and patience. But the difference between our performance on Day 1 to Day 4 was amazing. 

We did a lot of racing and some boathandling drills. With the wind being off shore, it was a bit too shifty to do speed line ups. However, we were able to test speed for small intervals in the racing.

We are now packing up the boat getting it ready to ship to California for reprint and summer training. We are taking one more month break for Molly to keep healing and for me to focus on my CrossFit and my attempt to qualify for the CrossFit Regionals.

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