Andrew Weir again organises the RMS St Helena for the Governorís Cup

Thursday, 04 April 2013

Whilst the competitors of one of the world’s most unique amateur yacht races between Cape Town and St.Helena were busy catching the wind in their sails, Andrew Weir Shipping were sorting out the logistics of getting both yachts and crew back to Cape Town aboard the RMS St.Helena.

What makes the race unique is that families and supporters of the sailors can enjoy a trip to the island on the RMS St Helena, meet up with the contestants, have a fascinating holiday and then all return home on the RMS St. Helena – with the yacht on board as well!

“Some yachts choose to continue their cruise to other destinations   but the beauty of this race is that the rest of the sailors have a choice – either sail back to the Cape or return reclining in the comfort of a deckchair sipping cocktails on board the affordable, yet luxurious 7000 ton passenger/cargo ship, the RMS St. Helena” commented Daniel Taylor of Andrew Weir Yacht Management.

“Andrew Weir is the only shipping company who can arrange transport for yachts to and from St Helena itself, which can be arranged in both our London and Cape Town offices.  Our Cape Town office manager Claude Amman skippered the winning entry in the 2006 Governor’s Cup, which was made up of crew members from the RMS St Helena. So we have direct experience of the race itself!” added Taylor.

The RMS St Helena is the lifeline for the island, carrying islanders and cargo to and from Cape Town. Andrew Weir Shipping has built a unique and successful partnership with St Helena and has successfully looked after the logistics and management of this last true Royal Mail Ship for many years and this continues.

“We are very happy when we hear how many the crews and their yachts enjoyed the return journey to Cape Town. Andrew Weir are a recognized leader in the management of both commercial ships and Superyachts. Services such as yacht transport are one of many example of where our specialties intersect and enhance the whole management package. We will be in attendance at the Antibes Yacht Show and will be happy to discuss any requirements Captains and owners may have.” added Taylor.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 04 April 2013 )