19. Match Race Germany Langenargen/Lake Constance Sanctioned by World Sailing

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The rehearsal of professionals rises on Wednesday:

Free Practice opens the 19th Match Race Germany

The 19th Match Race Germany is rung on Wednesday with the rehearsal: With the free practice the twelve teams from eight countries rise  in the duel German classic. Amongst the favorites at Germany's most famous match race regatta counts is tenfold DN ice sailing (DN) World Champion and America's Cup semifinalist Karol Jablonski. The duel sailing specialist with Polish and German passport is one of the most furious assailants his declared vavourite discipline : "Match racing is the most absolutely amazing way of sailing! It gives me the most fun because it is honest, direct and challenging. "

Living in Mazury Jablonski, who lived in the north of Germany for a long time at Steinhude was lasttime participating in 2014 in Match Race Germany. "At that time, but not with the success I had hoped for. "I would love to make it better this year. Reason for Jablonski's comeback in the German Grand Prix: this year". I want to helm once again at a high-profile match race. . And I'm very happy to come back to Lake Constance, because there are always many spectators, a great atmosphere and a professionally organized race with a family atmosphere "for his opponents Jablonski has a few Lake Constance:" I know the area now quite good because I often sail regattas here. Here the wind distributes the cards. The spot is hard to read and master. The large boats need to be dealt with csution and always kept in motion. „

Besides Jablonski also his compatriot Przemek Tarnacki expects a good chance to reach at least the semi-finals. With a ninth place last year Tarnacki was not satisfied. The 38-year-old promised: "We will be very hungry on Lake Constance." The Polish television will watch  Tarnackis Ernerga Yacht Racing Team, Team Jablonski Racing as Delphia Sailing Team Lukasz Wosinski very closely in front of  Langenargen agsinst the background of the castle Montfort. Even Wosinski comes with big ambitions, and would like to build a Polish America's Cup team in the future as well as he has cast an eye on the the Volvo Ocean Race. Wosinski says: "We need and want to prove that we can achieve those goals in match racing ."

Never ever before  a Polish team has achieved to win  Match Race Germany. This year, three strong teams take a run to close this historical gap. In 18 editions  Australia's top sailor with four wins, scored the most wins, followed by the UK and Denmark with three victories on the lake. For England Sir Ben Ainslie won  Match Race Germany in 2009. Today, he is chasing the America's Cup. Record champion of the leading German Match Race regatta is Peter Gilmour, who triumphed three sucetuvie times between 2004 and 2006 in Langenargen . A German winner was celebrated by 10 thousends of spectators for the first time, long time ago: 2001 Starnberg resident and professional Markus Wieser had prevailed with his crew in the final against Germany's most successful sailors in sports history and all times in an all German final- Double Olympic champion and twice America's Cup winner Jochen Schümann and his team had to then to live with  second place, not what the America´s Cup is all about: „ There is no second is th slogan here and there“.

Lake Constance is the stage, the Alps and Montfort Castle the backdrop

Stage of the protagonists was, is and remains the Lake Constance, which not only Karol Jablonski estimates: "At some point I would like to live here. The mountains, the lake, which so often provides great weather and the proximity to the med as well as to Lake Garda are a dream. Given the very relaxed people living here. "These people are presently positively under tension. The team of Match Center Germany, the organizing Yacht Club Langenargen, sponsors, bands and caterers prepare the regatta village in and around the Langenargen gondola harbor for their appearances. We want to inspire our audience on the water and on shore, "says sports director Eberhard Magg,“ in order to achieve this goal, we do everything possible. Currently, day and night. "

With the same intensity engage  long-standing and new partners engage. These include the Swiss watchmaker Edox with its 130 years of company tradition. Christian Hotz is a member of the Executive Board, and has good reasons for partnering with the Match Race Germany: "Match Race Germany is the ideal platform for our brand. Match Race Germany is in particular precision, latest technology, innovation and history. These are values that have shaped the philosophy of the brand Edox from the beginning on and  define our affinity with the world-class sailing. With its large power demand and the high popularity ratings Match Race Germany is an ideal partner for us, now and in the future. "

The first staring gun of the 19th Match Race Germany will be fired on Thursday after free practice on Wednesday. The five-day prize money and products from our partners like EDOX as well as Flyer and Beltron  ends on whitmonday with the finals and the awards ceremony in front of a large audience. "In between" promises organizer Harald Thierer, "will be five great match race days  that will not be forgotten by the audience live as well as on hte web ." The most famous attraction at Pentecost under sail is the infotainment, party and a live music programme in the Chalet:Erding Urweisse Hütt'n - the heartbeat-chamber of the regatta. Among the top acts at free admission will be the "Eschbach Buam" on Friday night as well as Jürgen Waidele's Take a Dance feat. Eliza Kay on Pentecost Sunday evening. Also on Friday evening, the party "Match Race goes Lederhosen and Dirndl VOL. lure 5 „ ill attract thousands of visitors to provide a full house.

Participants, Nations & Team Names

Pierre Rhimbault /FRAU, Matchtogether)

Vladimir Lipavsky (RUS, Ost Legal Sailing)

Przemek Tarnacki (POL, Energa Yacht Racing Team)

Dejan Presen (SLO, Lumba Match Race Team)

Philip Bendon (IRL, Bendon Race Team)

Lukasz Wosinski (POL, Delphia Sailing Team)

Maxime Mesnil (FRAU, Co Pilotes By Normandie Elite Team)

Nelson Mettraux (SUI, Geneva Match Race Team)

Kohei Ichikawa (JPN, Gekko)

Bojan Rajar (SLO, Eureka Sailing Team)

Adrian Maier-Ring (GER, Innotio Match Race Team)

Karol Jablonski (POL/GER, Jablonski Racing)

19th Match Race Germany 2016

Status: Grade 1 Special Event (highest classification by International Sailing Federation World Sailing in Germany)

Format: Match Racing (duels boat against boat), Round Robin (round robin, quarter, half and finals in K.O. mode

Date: 12 until May 16, 2016

Location & Area: Langenargen (Baden-Württemberg); Lake Constance

Organizer: Match Race Germany GmbH

Organising Club: Yacht Club Langenargen e.V.

Attendance: Approximately 30,000 visitors attended the 2015 thrilling duels from Langenargener shore

Main partners: MHP-A Porsche Company, Skoda, Ultramarin, DTM Group, Nauti Sattler, Meichle&Mohr, ZF AG, Württembergische Versicherung, Edox, enventa ERP

Partners: BRIG/Scanner/Technohull, Optimo Bercher, Kärcher, Würth, Erdinger, Meckatzer, GTÜ Neidhardt, Beltron, Baufritz, Pernod Ricard, Liqui Moly, Liros, Selden, Pfeiffer Marine, VLM Airlines, Klink Eberhardt Eventgastronomie, Seglerzeitung, Schwäbischer Verlag, Holstein Media, Braunger IT, WD 40, INTERBOOT, Gärtnerei Knam, Flyer, Bodenseemakler, 

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