Ireland. Marine Notice: Well completion operations on Corrib Gas Field

Friday, 08 February 2008

Notice to all ship owners, fishing vessel owners, agents, shipmasters, passenger ship masters, skippers, fishermen, yachtsman and seafarers.

The Department of Transport wishes to advise that the offshore drilling unit Sedco 711 (Callsign ELBU6) will commence well completion operations for Shell E&P Ireland Ltd. on the Corrib Gas Field off the coast of Mayo in mid April 2008 for a period of approximately 6 months until September 2008.

The basic scope of work for 2008 is to re-enter and complete five existing suspended wells and to prepare them for production.  The planned position of the drilling unit for the wells is as set out in table below:


Planned location of drilling unit (WGS84)


Latitude:           54o 20' 20.705” North
11o 03' 26.154" West



Latitude:           54o 20' 19.349” North
11o 03' 26.175" West



Latitude:           54o 20' 18.224" North
11o 03' 26.705" West



Latitude:           54o 19' 11.136" North
11o 04' 15.419" West



Latitude:           54o 19' 09.119" North
11o 02' 54.963" West



Any significant changes to either location or duration will be the subject of a further Marine Notice.

The semi submersible drilling unit will have one dedicated stand-by safety vessel and one dedicated supply vessel.

All shipping is requested, at all times to give the drilling unit a wide berth of at least 500 metres.  The Department of Transport also wishes to remind all concerned of the safety zone that is in place around the Corrib Gas Field development (Marine Notice No. 21 of 2006 Corrib Gas Field Safety Zone refers).

Director General
Maritime Safety Directorate
Department of Transport,

Leeson Lane,
Dublin 2.

08 February 2008

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