Ireland. Marine Notice: Safety Exclusion Zone of the Corrib Gasfield

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Notice to all shipowners, fishing vessel owners, agents, shipmasters, skippers, fishermen, yachtsmen and seafarers.

Corrib Gasfield development of West Coast of Co. Mayo- installation vessel Normand Progress

The Department of Transport would like to advise that works will be carried out within the Safety Exclusion Zone of the Corrib Gasfield.  The works will include the Installation of Subsea Flexible Flowlines and Structures.

The work will be performed by the installation vessel “Normand Progress”, (Callsign MZXB5) operating in the Safety Exclusion Zone, which surrounds sub-sea facilities at the following co-ordinates:

54° 20’ 51.418” N  /  11° 02’15.465” W
54° 20’ 20.170” N  /  11° 03’26.819” W
54° 19’ 11.136” N  /  11° 04’15.419” W
54° 19’ 09.119” N  /  11° 02’54.963” W

All mariners are reminded of their responsibilities under the International Collision Regulations and are reminded of Marine Notice No. 17 of 2007, which gives general advice in relation to the activities of vessels engaged in survey work for hydrographic, seismic, fishing research and underwater operations.

The work will commence on approximately 26th, 27th August 2008, and will continue for approximately 10 days.  The exact timing of works of this nature are subject to prevailing weather conditions at sea.

All vessels in the vicinity are requested to give the operations and the Safety Exclusion Zone a wide berth.  All vessels involved in the operations will be listening on VHF CH. 16 throughout the project.

Director General,
Maritime Safety Directorate,
Department of Transport,

Leeson Lane,
Dublin 2.

Marine Notice No. 41 of 2008

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 August 2008 )