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France & Italy. Navimo Group more than doubles production capacity at Nuova Rade

Monday, 20 November 2006

With the opening of a Greek subsidiary in 2005 and the re-inforcement of its Italian operation, the Navimo Group confirms its development strategy in the Mediterranean area.

Nuova Rade, the Italian operation located in Casella near Genova, joined the Navimo Group in 1999.  A 50-year old operation, Nuova Rade has developed a real industrial know-how in plastic engineering and often pioneered new techniques in blow moulding, rotomoulding and plastic injection.  With a solid reputation for high standard production combined with constant concern for optimum cost efficiency, Nuova Rade is well established with European and US boatbuilders, boasting a comprehensive portfolio of over 900 products (hatches and lockers, tanks and containers, buoys and floats…)

Over the last 2 years, an aggressive export policy and the active contribution of the 8 Navimo distribution subsidiaries in Europe gave clear evidence that both production and warehouse capacity would soon reach their limits. This was further increased by the growth of Plastimo in Italy distributed by Nuova Rade, only adding to the justification for more warehouse capacity.

Patrick Francois, President of the Navimo Group and Carlo Giustini, Managing Director of Nuova Rade, took the opportunity to reconsider totally the Group’s operation in Italy. Production capacity was more than doubled, going from 5 injection presses to a dozen, ranging from 70 to 680 tons, to handle all modern plastics (ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, glass reinforced nylon, policarbonate…).

Says Carlo Giustini : “we are confident that we now have the right sized operation in Italy to ensure growing business, enhanced customer service and reactivity over the coming years. The very identity of Nuova Rade has always been to combine expertise in plastic engineering with best value for money for our OEM partners. To be able to grow along these lines and ensure the Group’s strong foothold in Italy, we made some substantial investments, both in the production lines and in the warehouses  (increasing from 6.500 m2 to 10.000 m2) which allow us to look forward to an optimistic 2007 season, starting with the launch of the “Avant-Garde” range at METS”.

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