Australia. Northern European freight distributor eyes Austal trimaran

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A large, Scandinavian based freight distributor has expressed strong interest in Austal’s newly launched 102 metre trimaran.

The organisation’s North Pole-based Chief Executive Officer, known for his permanently jolly demeanour, recently visited Austal’s shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia to inspect the vessel.

He stated that the vessel’s passenger and freight capacity together with its high service speed, have the capability to effect a major transformation of its seasonal parcel distribution business.

Currently restricted to using a low powered, opened topped delivery vessel, the organisation, which does not wish to be identified at this stage, faces increasing demand to ensure its large volume of highly time sensitive parcels are delivered worldwide within a very tight timetable.

The company has identified the Austal 102 metre trimaran as an ideal addition to its operations. The vessel’s open architecture mission bay will permit the carriage of up to 700 tonnes of freight parcels of varied sizes, while its 1100 plus seating capacity will provide for the comfortable carriage of a battalion of distribution helpers.

The organisation’s CEO commented: “The advanced technology of the Austal trimaran makes our existing logistics system look like a horse and cart.  We are definitely excited by the possibilities this vessel presents.”

Austal Director – Sales and Australian Operations, Andrew Bellamy commented, “We are very pleased to have entered into discussions with this world renowned distributor. Austal is confident that the 102 metre trimaran will transform the efficiency and economy of this organisation’s services. The company’s list of requirements has been checked twice and we are confident of having this deal wrapped up in time for Christmas.”

Editors note : Due to a confidentiality clause, Austal is unable to publicly confirm the identity of the interested party at this stage.

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