Chicago Match Cup : Morvan wins Round Robin

Friday, 30 September 2011

At 5th in the world rankings, top-seed Pierre-Antoine Morvan and his team have come through on top of the heap at the conclusion of Round Robin racing in the ISAF Grade 1 Chicago Match Cup. But his climb to the top was not easy, as his eight wins was matched by eight wins earned by Phil Robertson and Keith Swinton, with tie-breaks determining them to be in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, going into tomorrow's Quarter-Final knock-out series.

Racing today off of downtown Chicago's Navy Pier varied from slow and laborious to fast and furious, as an approaching cold front accelerated the southwesterly breeze from 6 to nearly 20 knots by day's end. One casualty of the strong breeze was the spinnaker of Simone Ferrarese, who was luffed hard on the final downwind leg of his close match with rival Bill Hardesty in the Repechage Round that was held to determine the top two of the 7th-12th placed finishers from the first Round Robin.

Hardesty managed to get through this round with CMRC founder Don Wilson to advance to the Quarter Finals, where Hardesty was chosen by Robertson in tomorrow's first-to-three point series, and Wilson will meet Morvan. The remaining two pairs will be Swinton meeting Corbett, and Alvaro Marinho meeting yesterday's series leader Taylor Canfield.

In the Consolation round to determine 9-12th places, 9th placed Sally Barkow has chosen to race fellow US Olympic aspirant Genny Tulloch, while their Olympic coach Dave Perry will meet Ferrarese to sail in a one-race knock-out series. Winners of each pair will meet each other to determine 9th place, while the losers will race to determine 11th place.

Racing resumes tomorrow at 9 AM at the east end of Navy Pier, where grandstands are set up for viewing the action, and live commentary is provided by veteran match race experts Geordie Shaver, Scott Dickson, Dobbs Davis and Nathan Hollerbach. Merchandise vendors and nearby refreshments in the nearby Oktoberfest tent will also keep the public entertained on site, while live streaming video coverage will entertain online spectators. And for a lucky few sponsors and media, there will be opportunities to ride on board while racing, another unique feature offered by CMRC.

Official Partners of the CMRC include Eurex, CME Group, Newedge, City Inns family of hotels, and Line Honors, which is the Official Clothing Supplier to CMRC.

Tod Reynolds

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1) Morvan 8-3

2) Robertson 8-3

3) Swinton 6-2

4) Canfield 5-3

5) Corbett 5-3

6) Marinho 5-3

7) Wilson 4-4, 3-2

8) Hardesty 4-4, 2-3

9) Barkow 3-5, 4-1

10) Ferrarese 2-6, 2-3

11) Tulloch 2-9,  2-3

12) Perry 2-9,  2-3

Official Partners of the CMRC include Eurex, CME Group, Newedge, City Inns family of hotels, and Line Honors is the Official Clothing Supplier to CMRC.

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