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18th May - Onboard Team SCA during their second sail across the Atlantic Ocean - Day 3 - Newport RI to Lanzorote
Team SCA Sailing Team - Transatlantic May 15-28, 2014

Sally Barkow (USA) - Helm / Trim
Carolijn Brouwer (NED) - Helm / Trim
Dee Caffari (GBR) - Pit / Helm
Sophie Ciszek (AUS) - Bow / Helm
Sam Davies (GBR) - Person-in-Charge / Watch Captain
Abby Ehler (GBR) - Pit / Trim
Stacey Jackson (AUS) - Bow / Trim
Annie Lush (GBR) - Helm / Trim
Justine Mettraux (SUI) - Helm / Trim
Liz Wardley (AUS) - Watch Captain
Libby Greenhalgh (GBR) Navigator (on trial)
Anna-Lena Elled (SWE) - OnBoard Reporter (on trial)

Team SCA is participating in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 with an all-female crew. SCA is entering the race with the world's best women offshore-racing sailors that have the ability to work together as a high-performing team.

Photo : Team SCA
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