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The America's Cup in Marseille! Marseille One Design hosts France's 1st staging of the Great Cup/CG32
Marseille One Design 2014 – 19 May 2014.

You’ll have doubtless been inspired by the amazing flying machines in the last America’s Cup. Indeed, measuring some 22m (72-foot) in length and helmed by Robocop-style crews, these multihulls are capable of nearly 40 knots of boat speed (75km/hr) standing on their foils, in what is a revolution in the art of showcasing racing in 3D.

In Marseille this coming September, you’ll be able to witness the same flying machines in their 32-foot (11m) version!

Indeed from 8 to 14 September the all new MARSEILLE ONE DESIGN event will play host to France’s first ever staging of THE GREAT CUP circuit. Headlining the event is the GC 32 one-design and the circuit has already been in operation for some two years.

Based on an idea by Laurent Lenne, a trained naval architect, creator of the circuit and manager of THE GREAT CUP society, the Martin Fischer-designed GC 32 is a foiling catamaran. The foil is an appendage attached to the boat, which once powered up, lifts the entire hull clear of the water so that solely the foil and daggerboards remain in contact with the liquid element. The most modern version of the GC 32 can stand some 1.5m above the surface of the water and is capable of 20-knot (36km/hr) speeds upwind and over 30 knots (55km/hr) downwind, with a potential for development which makes even greater speeds a possibility. As such, the GC 32 is a more accessible version of the AC 72 or the AC 45. With her structure built by Premičre Composites, her appendages by Heol Composites (Laurent Tournier) and her rig by Southern Spars, the GC32 incorporates the most high performance technologies. Designed for a clientele of owner-drivers, the craft is also ideal for training up the crews for the next America’s Cup.

Launched in 2013, THE GREAT CUP circuit has an international ambit with confirmed stages in Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany and a project planned in Italy. Marseille will be the first French meeting for this cutting-edge circuit in the context of MARSEILLE ONE DESIGN, which is organised by Sirius Evénements with the City of Marseille as main partner.

In addition to the performance of the boat, there will be live 3D tracking of the races over the Internet using an on-board camera on each boat. Furthermore the event already boasts a substantial media distribution across the largest international networks.

The week-long programme will alternate between speed test days close to the shore to thrill the local spectators, with the possibility for journalists and guests to climb aboard for a race, as well as 4 days of competition in the southern harbour with a minimum of 6 races a day each lasting 20 to 25’.

Marseille’s southern harbour couldn’t be a more beautiful setting for this innovative spectacle, so in the run-up, don’t miss the fantastic videos viewable at www.thegreatcup.com.

Photo : Sander van der Borch
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