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WALLY 105 «NARIIDA» – Refit successfully completed
On the 9th of May the Luca Brenta designed Wally 105 “Nariida” was launched at the waterfront facilities of Baltic Yachts in Jakobstad, after having spent 9 months undergoing a refit at our yard in Bosund. On the 11th of June she sailed off, as a ‘new’ yacht, and with more than just a little ‘Baltic DNA’ added to her pedigree.

The 32 m “Nariida” was built in 1994, using high-tech methods and materials, very much ahead of her time. In fact, still today, few yards are able to build yachts to a similar standard. As such, we have felt very much ‘at home’ working through “Nariida”, and are very proud of what we have been able to achieve. Complex yachts, custom work and responding to customer’s wishes are as much ingredients of a refit as they are on a new build.

“Nariida” has over her 20 years been used extensively, for both racing and cruising. Cosmetic wear and tear is unavoidable, and renewal of surfaces has therefore been an important part of this refit project. This involved not only rig and hull paint and a new teak deck, but also a major replacement of teak veneer in the interior.

We have also made noticeable changes to Nariida’s interior, in order to make the yacht more suitable for its present use. This has involved in particular the galley, the navigation area and the owner’s cabin.

On the technical side, we have improved the production and storage of electricity, by installing a new generator and upgraded and added to the battery banks. Many of the consumers have been changed as well, such as water heaters and cooling machinery. The later, in combination with building completely new freezers and fridges throughout. The goal has, among other things, been to dramatically increase the yacht’s ‘silent time’, i.e. the period, during full cruising mode, where generators can be shut off.

Nariida is our first completed refit project on a yacht we did not build ourselves. It has therefore been an important success factor to have the crew present at the yard, as well as frequent visits by the owner. It’s been very much an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude, which has turned out great results. We are very grateful to have been part of this, and wish the ‘new’ Nariida fair winds and happy sailing through many years to come.

Photo : Coll's Design Studio/ Baltic Yachts Oy Ab Ltd
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