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Three monotype classes competing at Gaastra PalmaVela 2015
The 17 classes racing this coming weekend in the Bay of Palma for the Gaastra PalmaVela Regatta 2015 include several monotype classes, the J80, Flying Fifteen and Dragon. Equal chances and great competition.

28th April 2015

Gaastra PalmaVela 2015 continues to register participants, and just four days from the first start gun, there are already 135 boats with pre-registration procedures finalised for the first major event of the Mediterranean regatta season. The 17 classes racing in the Bay of Palma between 30th April and 3rd May, in the event organised by the Real Club Náutico de Palma, will include the popular monotypes: the J80, Flying Fifteen and Dragon classes.

The J80 is a six-metre monotype crewed by 3-5 people and was created in 1983 by American boatbuilders JBoats. A worldwide fleet of 1500 J80s proves the popularity of the class, which this year celebrates three decades of success. Spain has formidable command in the category and has been dominating the international circuit for years.

11 J80s will compete at Gaastra PalmaVela 2015 including eight Spanish, two Germans and a Swedish team. Participants will include last years’ podium winners, Marc de Antonio’s Bribon Movistar, Sebastián Allebrodt’s Mnemonic and Javier Chacartegui’s HM-Hotels.

Flying Fifteen
The Flying Fifteen is a 6.1-metre monohull (20 feet) with a crew of two. Its design dates back to 1947, and the class recently saw the christening of boat number 4000.

Nine Flying Fifteens have formalised their pre-registration for the Gaastra PalmaVela Regatta 2015, including the defenders of the title, Tim Pyne’s “Gecko” from Great Britain, and the other two boats podium finishers in 2014: Ken Dumpleton’s FFlanders (formerly Olive Oyl) from Ireland, and David Barber’s Fine Fettle from Spain.

The Dragon is an 8.9-metre class which is sailed by a crew of three. It was designed in 1929, and was an Olympic class between 1948 and 1972. According to the International Class Association in 2014 there were 1400 Dragons sailing worldwide.

Five Dragons will be ‘flying’ over the Bay of Palma during the Gaastra PalmaVela 2015: three Spanish, one Dutch and a German team. The 2014 champion, Robin Hennessy, is back to defend his title, this time under a Spanish flag on Lazy Daisy. Robert Holthuizen’s Dragonera and Carlos Carbajal’s Young Tiger, second and third last year, will also be looking for a new shot at the podium.

The three classes are programmed with up to nine races over the three days of competition, with the first race start scheduled for 13:00h on Friday 1st May.

Photo : © MartinezStudio/Gaastra PalmaVela
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