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Sanlorenzo launches H1, the first SL 118 unit (36,5 metres - 118 ft)
H1 is the first vessel of the new SL118 line (118 ft – 36.5 m) recently launched at the Sanlorenzo shipyard, a special event celebrated by all the Sanlorenzo workforce, the management of the company and her German owner’s family and friends.
The Sanlorenzo SL118 becomes the new flagship of the historic planing hull range of yachts, named “SL” – the crown jewel of Sanlorenzo for more than 30 years – that until yesterday the SL108 line (33 m) represented the largest in the planing hull range.
In today’s nautical market, which is larger size-oriented than before, Sanlorenzo decided to produce a new flagship that encloses innovative solutions and large spaces, without altering the traditional family feeling that has been characterizing Sanlorenzo models forever, thanks to its design continuity.
What distinguishes the Sanlorenzo SL118 from the rest of the SL range is not only its larger size but also the wide body, a kind of superstructure that allows at the bow for a better use of space inside the lower deck, without any side passages, which are located on the deckhouse instead.
The SL118 has the same innovative solutions as the last Sanlorenzo models (SL94 and SL104), such as the opening terraces at the bow, which corresponds to the owner’s area, and at mid-ships, which corresponds to the salon; the custom, metal grey painted pillars – are like the hard-top or roll-bar colour; the glass hand rail on the flybridge that offers a panoramic view without any obstacle in the way; the transom with the teak hand rail.
In accordance with the Made to Measure tradition of Sanlorenzo, the H1 interior was also designed according to the requests of its owner, who chose a modern style and an innovative space concept: thanks to the insulated glass used in the lower deck bulkheads, the cabins are divided but the light spreads throughout the rooms giving the immediate perception of yacht large size. Acoustic insulation and privacy can be achieved through the curtains inside the glass.
To ensure low power consumption much attention has been paid to the weight. All fibreglass products are in fact constructed by the infusion process. The interior cells cabin housing modules are supported by aluminium, floating frames, also ensuring an excellent sound insulation and anti-vibration.
The flagship of Sanlorenzo is also prepared for the installation of a biological treatment plant for all water on board. The system brings the boat into compliance with the most restrictive and recent legislation on environmental pollution.

Photo : Sanlorenzo
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