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Normandy Channel Race – Friday 29 May 2015 - Bretagne-Credit Mutuel wins the Normandy Channel Race 2015
Nicolas Troussel, skipper of BRETAGNE - CREDIT MUTUEL, and his co-skipper Félix Pruvot took line honours this Friday evening, 29 May 2015, at a time of 16h 59min 50sec GMT in the 6th edition of the Normandy Channel Race. With a race time of 5 days 2 hours 50 minutes 50 seconds covered at an average speed of 7.86 knots, the Breton crew sailed a faultless race after taking the lead on the first day and holding on to it till the bitter end!

"Brittany wins the Normandy!" echoes around the finish pontoon! The Breton boat has certainly boasted a sizeable lead for the past two days and one might even be forgiven for thinking that making it back to Norman waters would be a breeze. However, that’s not quite how things panned out, the two sailors having to battle just about all the way against the wind and tide or rather against current and tide. The Cotentin headland left them with no respite and Nicolas Troussel and Félix Pruvot just had to watch today as their lead melted away from 38 to 11 miles. That said, it was enough of a cushion to get past Barfleur and link onto the home straight out front!

The rest of the podium is filling up fast behind them with Le Conservateur (Yannick Bestaven - Pierre Brasseur), about to snatch second position and Solidaires en Peloton - ARSEP (Thibault Vauchel Camus - Victorien Erussard) set to complete the top trio.

Follow the arrival of the other Class40s still racing via the cartography updated every 15 minutes. Discover the emotion of the finishes on the social networks of Facebook and Twitter.

Ranking at 1700GMT

1 Bretagne - Crédit Mutuel - FINISHED
2 Le Conservateur 11,2 miles from the finish
3 Solidaires en Peloton-ARSEP 15.1 miles from the finish
4 CARAC- Advanced Energies 25.4 miles from the finish
5 Concise 8 some 29.2 miles from the finish

Photo : Jean-Marie Liot/NCR2015
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