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33rd Annual Key West Super Boat World Championships Ready To Begin The Biggest Boats In The World Are Ready To Compete In The Epic Event
Recognized around the world, the biggest offshore racing event is ready to play host to the most powerful fleet of Super Boats. No class will have an uncontested winner and many classes are brimming with more boat entries per class than any race all season. The big boats will include multiple turbines, four or more Superboat Unlimiteds, eight or more Superboats and many more in other classes. This is expected to be one of the most exciting World Championships in the recent past. Many, if not all, of the National Champions are set to compete and defend their honor of being the most winning boat of the season. The World Championship does not carry over any points from the seven National races run this past summer and fall. All boats start even at the Key West event and, with 3 days of racing, they have to be there on Sunday to win. The first two days of racing is the laps of the final race on Sunday. So, while many teams will replace engines on Saturday in preparation to have fresh engines on Sunday, the name of the game is to protect your equipment and make it last to the finish line.

Photo : 2013 Super Boat International
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