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Busy time at Sanlorenzo with three launches in just one week - Pioppi (24 metres)
Sanlorenzo SL82
is characterized by smooth, elegant and
absolutely classic exterior lines

in the perfect Sanlorenzo tradition

that guarantee a
long-lasting value to the yacht. The Italian owner of Pioppi personally chose the décor by
selecting as main wood for the interior and the floorings the precious flamed Canaletto
walnut, while all the furniture are upholstered by varnished Blanc Cassé; for the marbles in
the bathrooms, he selected Silk Georgette and Tabacco Brown; exclusive fabrics by
Dominique Kieffer, Minotti and Maria Flora complete the elegant décor
The huge fly bridge wholy hosts beautiful teak stave furniture all over its length, thanks to
the positioning of the tender on the lift aft-platform.
Photo : Sanlorenzo
06-SL94-B2.JPG 04-SL82-Pioppi.JPG 03-SL82-Pioppi.JPG 02-40Alloy-Liliya_launch.JPG 01-40Alloy-Liliya_launch.JPG