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HanseYachts AG, leading manufacturer of motor and sailing yachts, announced the sale of its marina in Greifswald on the river Ryck to Marina Yachtzentrum GmbH
The port with over 200 moorings is located in the centre of Greifswald. With the upcoming sale of the marina, HanseYachts AG is pushing forward the focus on its core business.
Sven Göbel, board member at HanseYachts AG: "We are currently in the process of selling the marina. This will strengthen our already intensive partnership with Marina Yachtzentrum GmbH. Our main concerns during the sale are the interests of the yacht owners and above all the quality of the buyer. In Marina Yachtzentrum GmbH, we have found an investor, who will enable successful ongoing development with new perspectives. This is an all-round good solution for all involved. We will use the capital released through the sale both to reduce our debts and to contribute to the expansion of HanseYachts AG and to build on our leading position in the market!“

Photo : Hanse Yachts
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