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World of Canoes held for the first time at hanseboot - 55th Hamburg International Boat Show
All about kayaks, canoes, Canadians, etc.

World of Canoes held for the first time at hanseboot

· Builders, equipment suppliers and tour operators exhibit on 2,300 square metres on the upper floor of Hall B4
· Live activities on the canoe test course and canoe simulator
· On-stage information and entertainment by Globetrotter Akademie

(Hamburg, 25/09/2014) The World of Canoes has its own dedicated hall for recreational and sports paddling enthusiasts at this year’s hanseboot, to be held from 25 October to 2 November. The builders, equipment suppliers, tour operators and canoe clubs will have some 2,300 square metres on the upper floor of Hall B4 to showcase all aspects of paddling. The Globetrotter Akademie will run information and advice sessions on the show stage, about equipment, canoeing areas and events. Anyone interested in trying out the latest and most popular models on site can do so in the big pool.

Canoe exhibitors displaying many new products

Leading builders of canoes and Canadians, such as EKÜ-Sport, Lettmann, Old Town, Current Designs, XK-Sports and Prijon will present their latest models for leisure and sports paddling enthusiasts, and provide information on materials, appropriate equipment and suitable waters.

Information on stage at the World of Canoes

In cooperation with the outdoor activities and seminar organisers Globetrotter Akademie, OUTDOOR COLLEGE and EVENT NATURE, hanseboot visitors can get information and advice on all aspects of paddling. Leisure canoeing enthusiasts can find out about attractive waters, trips with groups, and technical innovations. Newcomers can get advice on selection of canoeing areas and canoe models. Visitors can test their skills in the canoe simulator, join in building a raft, or have a go at the trend sport Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).

Adventure expeditions for school classes and canoeing groups are featured in brief presentations such as “Outdoor College – An adventure project in Norway” and “Kayak on the River Schlei”. Globetrotter Akademie presents the Oslofjord as a canoeing area, and holds a seminar on “Outdoor learning and teaching”. Andreas Gabriel, the “Kayakmaran Man”, reports on his exciting trips with a catamaran he built from two kayaks, and answers questions from visitors.

New – activity space at the hanseboot World of Canoes

Visitors to the hanseboot World of Canoes can try out various boat models in the pool (nearly 400 square metres), under the guidance of experienced canoeists from the Globetrotter Akademie. Professionals will demonstrate how to handle kayaks and Canadian canoes, double- and single-bladed paddles, and accessories. Visitors can try their hand at SUP, with the aim of paddling around the “island” in the middle of the pool. On each of the Sundays there will be a raft building competition for adults and children, open to all comers.

Something for everyone – paddling for recreation or competitive sport

Canoeing is a sport for all, an activity which people can continue up to a very advanced age. Leisure activities include canoe touring, sea kayaking, whitewater kayaking, and playboating (freestyle kayaking or rodeo). Competitive sports include the Olympic discipline canoe sprinting, and slalom and whitewater racing. Tips on training opportunities for newcomers and advanced paddlers will be given by the Hamburg Canoe Club and the German Canoe Association in Hall B4 (upper floor).

About hanseboot

hanseboot, the 55th Hamburg International Boat Show, will be held in the B-halls of the Hamburg Fair site and at the in-water hanseboot harbour from 25/10 to 02/11/2014 with the slogan “Northern Waters, Northern Lifestyle”. It appeals to professionals, leisure boaters and newcomers alike. Its location is close to the North European waters and major inland waterways. hanseboot presents new boats and yachts and provides information on trends and innovations in boating. hanseboot is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hours, with extended opening on the Wednesday from 10:00 to 20:00 hours. “Kids go free!” – children and young people up to 15 years old have free admission. The Comeback Ticket costs EUR 13 (concessions EUR 11), giving additional admission from 15:00 onwards on any other day of hanseboot. For more information, please visit the website www.hanseboot.de

Photo : Michael Zapf (Z)
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