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Dongfeng find their very own Sealegs
As our Chinese sailors find their sea-legs after having sailed the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the China Sea, the Southern Ocean and many more, Dongfeng Race Team are also excited to announce a brand new partnership with Sealegs International.

Dongfeng Race Team are proud to announce that Sealegs have become an Official Supplier. The partnership began in earnest in Itajai as we fought to comeback from the broken mast situation – with much more support than just the versatile RIB solution Sealegs provide.

While our logistics team managed the challenge of the mast, as all of you know, we were quite literally in a race against time to be ready for Leg 6 as well as managing all media and hospitality on site – this is where Sealegs came to the rescue offering great support in our hour of need with logistics, potential solutions and additional personal. Igor Alexandre Souza of Sealegs and his team in Brazil were constantly on alert, providing much needed support to Bruno and the rest of the team during the stopover and it made a massive difference.

The New Zealand manufactured Boat Company, is pleased to become an Official Supplier to the team by supplying Sealegs RIBs in many of the race stopovers to come.

CEO of Sealegs, David McKee Wright says ‘It is an honour aligning our company with The Dongfeng Team and we will continue to support in any way that we can.’

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With Sealegs, you have the ability to launch and retrieve your vessel safely, effortlessly and in a matter of minutes. This is the reason so many of our clients find themselves on the water a great deal more once they have their Sealegs. Should you own a property on or near the beach, the ability to be on water for the small windows of opportunity when time or weather permits, changes the game entirely…

Photo : Dongfeng Race team
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