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Now Introducing AISLinkô CB1 Transceivers - For Recreational Boaters
Fort Lauderdale, FL., May 26, 2015 Ė ACR Electronics, Inc. announces the availability of their new Class B Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) for recreational and commercial boaters. A longtime manufacturer of marine safety electronics, ACR adds AIS marine navigation transceivers to its product line. AIS utilizes VHF digital transmissions to facilitate the passing of navigational data between any boaters who have an AIS transceiver installed on board, ultimately increasing navigational safety.

The AISLink CB1 is a Class B transceiver that has been certified around the world to the latest AIS regulations. This compact unit will send and receive wireless navigational data to and from nearby boats and vessels with data that includes the vesselís name, position, course or speed over ground, heading, and rate of turn. The easy to operate AISLink facilitates faster communication and navigational planning especially when boats or vessels are hidden or obstructed from radarís reach.

The new AISLink CB1 is competitively priced, easy to install, and interacts seamlessly with navigation systems through its NMEA 0183 and 2000 interfaces.

A safe day on the water is always the priority. Adding ACRís AISLink CB1 transceiver can provide boaters globally with the necessary data designed to simplify navigation. Please visit www.acrartex.com for more information on AISLink transceivers and other maritime electronics and survival gear.

About ACR Electronics, Inc.

ACR Electronics, Inc., a Drew Marine company, is a world leader in safety and survival technology. ACR designs, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive product line of electronic survival products for the maritime, aviation and outdoor markets. The ACR product lines include a full range of 406 MHz distress beacons including EPIRBs, Personal Locator Beacons, and ARTEX ELTs, as well as Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs), Rescue Strobe Lights, Searchlights, VHF Radios and Survival Accessories.

ACRís international headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is registered to the international quality system standards AS9100C (Aerospace) and ISO-9001. Additionally ACR maintains FAA Part 145 Repair Station Certification status. For more information about ACR Electronics, or any of ACRís brands including ARTEX, please go to www.ACRARTEX.com.

Photo : ACR Electronics
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