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ACM Press Conference.
From left to right Manuel Chirivella,Elena Salgado, Spanish Minister of Infrastructure, Francisco Camps, President of Generalitat Valenciana,Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi Head Syndicate, Rita BarberÓ, Mayoress of Valencia,Michel Bonnefous, ACM President.
Photo: Ivo Rovira/Alinghi
Valencia, Spain, 25th july 2007.Venue announcement of the 33rd America's Cup.
33rd-Americas-Cup-Alinghi-Ivo_rovira-33rdACYO8D2954.jpg 33rd-Americas-Cup-Alinghi-Ivo_rovira-33rdACYO8D2932.jpg 33rd-Americas-Cup-Alinghi-Ivo_rovira-33rdACYO8D2934.jpg 33rd-Americas-Cup-Alinghi-Ivo_rovira-33rdACLR2J1461.jpg 33rd-Americas-Cup-Alinghi-Ivo_rovira-33rdACLR2J1587.jpg