For the third time, in less than a month, the GGYC website has commented on some interview with an Alinghi team member under the heading "Myth and Reality"; implying that what Alinghi says is "Myth" and what BMW Oracle says is "Reality".
In the second article, on Myth versus Reality, BYM News looks at another aspect of the latest GGYC comments on an interview Ernesto Bertarelli gave to French newspaper, Le Figaro; "the rules they've proposed would give them an insurmountable advantage".

In the Figaro interview, Ernesto Bertarelli said that he wanted a Cup that isn’t so costly, with several challengers, which generates maximum interest for the public, sponsors and media. The GGYC document says the reality is that:

We're strongly in favour of reducing costs, especially in these uncertain economic times, but the rules proposed by Alinghi are not about cutting costs or making it more economical for teams to compete for the America's Cup. The rules they've proposed would give them an insurmountable advantage. That's why seven major AC competitors called the rules the "worst ever". They are unfair and anti-competitive.

There are innumerable interviews in this section of BYM News in which various major Cup players have said that they do NOT believe that the rules for AC33 give the Defender an advantage. On the contrary, many have repeatedly said that those rules level the playing field. Here are some additional comments, from four team leaders, outside of those already published in this section:

July 26, 2007. José Ignacio Sanchez Galan, President of Desafio, in an Iberdrola press release:
"After the success of the Desafío Español (“Spanish Challenge”) in this year’s 32nd America’s Cup, Iberdrola will sponsor it again in the next race, regarded as the most prestigious sailing event in the world."
August 10, 2007. Michael Scheeren, CEO of United Internet Team Germany, on entering AC33:
"Despite the uncertainties around the event, we strongly believe in the path developed by ACM and the Defender, Alinghi. We intend to join the battle on the water, the only place the battle should be."
September 7, 2007: Salvatore Sarno, Principle of Team Shosholoza, in a press release:
"The new class rules will help significantly the small team. We at Shosholoza are all very excited and our design team is pushing me to not accept any compromise, to defend the new class rules and to not be worried because there is plenty time to conceive, design, build and test the new boat. The two boat testing prohibition will help the small teams and reduce the budget."
January 22, 2008. Sir Keith Mills, Principle of TeamOrigin, in a letter to SNG:
"We are in favour of your original philosophy for the 33rd America’s Cup, the pillars of which came through clearly in the July 2007 Protocol, namely a mutual consent regatta, based in Valencia, with pre-regattas and sensible cost containment."

If GGYC is correct, in saying that the rules they (Alinghi) have proposed "would give them an insurmountable advantage", the only logical conclusion is that those four men, when they entered AC33, knew they were committing sponsors' money and/or their own money (Sarno & Mills) to a competition that they had no hope of winning. Is that likely? Take a look at their profiles and judge for yourself:

José Ignacio Sanchez Galan - President of Iberdrola & Scottish Power.
Sanchez Galan has received numerous awards including that of Executive of the year 2006 from Platts, three awards as best CEO in investor relations from IR Magazine and four others for the best top executive in the utilities sector from European Investor Relations Market Report.
Iberdola is one of the world's largest utility companies and, during Galan's tenure, its profits have doubled to €3.5 billion.
Michael Scheeren - United Internet supervisory board
Scheeren joined internet company 1&1, as Chief Financial Officer, in 1991, and laid the foundation for the successful IPO of 1&1 Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KGaA.
Following the realignment of 1&1 and its renaming as United Internet AG, Scheeren was appointed CFO of United Internet AG with responsibility for Finance, Controlling, Press/Investor Relations and Human Resources. In December 2001, Michael Scheeren moved to the Supervisory Board of United Internet AG.
Salvatore Sarno - Director of Mediterranean Shipping Company
Sarno joined MSC, in 1970, and was promoted to a management position in 1976. When MSC set up a weekly service between Europe and South Africa in 1988, Sarno moved to Johannesburg in order to further develop the market position and, finally, the South African subsidiary of MSC was established in Durban in 1990. Directed by Sarno, MSC South Africa developed into the biggest shipping company in the country.
Sarno is respected by President Mandela & Archbishop Tutu.
Sir Keith Mills - founder of Air Miles International Group
The Air Miles programme was conceived by Sir Keith and, following the successful launch of the UK programme, he took the concept to North America, Europe and the Middle East.
In September, 2003 Sir Keith was appointed International President and CEO of London 2012, the company that was established to bid for the 2012 Olympic Games. On 6 July 2005, London beat off competition from New York, Paris, Madrid and Moscow to win the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The reality is that men with the track records of Sanchez Galan, Scheeren, Sarno and Mills do not commit to entering a competition where the rules are "unfair and anti-competitive" and they have no chance of winning, because one of the other teams has "an insurmountable advantage".

In addition to stories in this 33rd America's Cup section, you can read stories from the 32nd America's Cup . You will also find some older stories and interviews, from the last event, HERE.
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