Sebastien Destremau was tactician onboard the China Team America's Cup Yacht. Prior to that he was a key player for the OzBoyz Challenge bid for the 2007 America's Cup. In the 2003 America's Cup he was Tactician on board "Le Defi Areva" as in 1995 with "Defi Antibes".
He is known as a tenacious opponent, on the international sailing circuit, and has sailed as tactician with Russell Coutts, in the Tour de France � la Voile, and Paul Cayard in the America's Cup.

Although no real information is backing these thoughts, it would be foolish not to seriously consider that the 33rd America's Cup is going to be sailed in Multihull in 2008.

Let's consider the situation for a moment

On side, we have a terribly disappointed Alinghi and ACM who have been putting the blame on Oracle for putting the Cup into this mess - really it would be fair to say that Alinghi pushed the rules with the 33rd protocol and were smart enough to find a challenger able to sign it!!! But then who is to blame??? Alinghi or Desafio?

You are struggling with organizing an event after having lost your sponsors and the momentum of the 32nd America's Cup

You are going to feel pretty miserable sitting in front of the American team and negotiate with.... your ex best mate Russell Coutts??

No way! So, on the Swiss corner it will be tough to accept anything coming from a team that showed so little on the water last summer ... but has been so smart lately and declared a winner by New York Judge.

Now let's look at the Oracle side

If you were Larry Ellison, would you really order your staff to work hard at a "conventional" Americas Cup in a couple of years? YES??? Are you Sure???

Well let’s look at that for a second

You have been pouring an enormous amount of money into it for the past 8 years with little results.

You took a slap in the face last summer when America was not able to reaich the challenger's final for the first time in history .

By allowing a conventional cup, you could be eliminated again before having a shot at the Cup.

Thanks to your very smart advisers you lodged a challenge back in July. This bold move is now giving you the opportunity to take the Defender.

Although money is not an issue for you, you could run one of the cheapest campaigns of recent time.

And if you were Russell Coutts, what would you be thinking right now?

Well, you thought could be pretty similar to your boss's and not only because he is paying you.

You have a been a fervent supporter of radical changes in the Cup. You know dam well that would be your best chance to bring the cup back to America.

You have hired the best multihull designers (Van Pethegen - Lauriot Prevost and rumour has it that the mould is almost completed.

You have hired the best multihull skipper F.Cammas and you could start sailing immediately on Groupama 3.

Why would you do all of these if it was not to go ahead with an America's Cup in a multihull?

But also!

You have been working pretty hard at developing the WSL (World Sailing League) with your mate P.Cayard.

Win or lose on the water, would the 33rd America's Cup, in multihulls, launch your WSL circuit in stellar fashion???

All the answers are ....Yes Yes Yes

Well done, Russell. Either on the water or off the water..... You are the boss! 

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