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LHA amphibious assault ship
Credit : Northrop Grumman
LHA(R) will be the U.S. Navy's newest multifunctional and most versatile, amphibious assault ship,

incorporating enhanced aviation capabilities centered around the STOVL F-35B Joint Strike Fighter and

the V-22 tilt-rotor Osprey. The LHA(R) will be a variant of the gas-turbine powered LHD 8. This longer

and wider ship will provide increased aviation capability, vehicle lift, cargo magazine capacity,

better survivability, increased habitability standards and greater service life margins.
Northrop_Grumman_USS_Halsey_189-1747.jpg Northrop_Grumman_San_Antonio_LPD_17_189-1826.jpg Northrop_Grumman_LHA.jpg Wasp_Class_Assault_Ship_189-143.jpg USS_San_Antonio_189-1572.jpg