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On the occasion of the find of HMS HUNTER by HNOMS TYR, forces participating in Exercise Armatura Borealis 08 paid tribute today to those who lost their lives in the Battle of Narvik.
As the HNOMS TYR marked the exact spot where she has found HMS HUNTER a week earlier, a procession of warships from the Royal Navy showed their respects by laying wreaths and toasting the fallen by the traditional Navy method of pouring a tot of rum over the side.
Photo : LA(PHOT) Dan Hooper/MOD/Crown Copyright 2008
HNOMS Tyr finds HMS Hunter
Diamond-T45-AT-SEA-3.jpg 20090517ran8297357_163.jpg HMS-Hunter-ceremony-kws30ord.exe.jpg Mship-Stiletto_MG_9294.jpg Northrop_Grumman_LHA.jpg