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HMS Hunter after build c.1936
HMS Hunter went down on 10 April 1940 with the loss of more than 100 lives, after bravely fighting during the Battle of Narvik; an action that would result in the first Victoria Cross of WWII being awarded. The ship had remained unlocated and undisturbed until the Norwegian Minehunter HNOMS TYR located her earlier this week.
HMS Hunter was an H-Class Destroyer of 1,880 Tonnes, armed with 4.7inch (119mm) guns and 2 x 4 Torpedo Tubes. She had a crew of approximately 145 at the time of sinking. She was sunk at approx 0530 hrs GMT with 110 killed on board. The Germans lost four destroyers during the first Battle of Narvik, whilst the Allies lost HMS Hunter and HMS Hardy
Photo : MOD/Crown Copyright 2008
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