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Grumman F4F-4 “Wildcat” fighter, of Fighting Squadron Six (VF-6). Has its six .50 caliber machine guns tested on the flight deck of USS Enterprise (CV-6), 10 April 1942.
USS Saratoga Flight Deck - Aircraft on the flight deck, preparing for launching, circa 1929-30. Planes in the foreground are Boeing F3B-1 fighters. In the background are fifteen Martin T4M-1 torpedo planes, of Torpedo Squadron Two (VT-2B).
Navy Helicopter Crashes in Kuwait; All Crewmembers OK - U.S. 5th Fleet command crest.
USS Midway CVA-41 - A Flight Deck Director signals an F-4 “Phantom II” fighter into position on the starboard catapult, in preparation for launching, 5 August 1970.
USS Langley Launching a DT-2 - Docked at the carrier pier at Naval Air Station, North Island, San Diego, California, with a Douglas DT-2 airplane taking off from her flight deck. This photo may have been taken during catapult tests in 1925.
Gilberts Operation - Hellcat - A Grumman F6F-3 “Hellcat” fighter makes condensation rings as it awaits the take-off flag aboard USS Yorktown (CV-10), 20 November 1943. The plane is from Fighting Squadron Five (VF-5).....
USS Essex - Underway at 1615 hrs. during May 1943, in position 37 05'N, 74 15'E, as photographed from a blimp from squadron ZP-14.Among the aircraft parked on her flight deck are 24 SBD scout bombers (parked aft), about 11 F6F fighters ....
Curtiss SOC-1 scout-observation aircraft. In flight, 2 July 1939.
Aeromarine 39-B Airplane - Approaching the flight deck of USS Langley (CV-1) during landing practice, 19 October 1922.
A Wildcat helicopter HMA Mk2 of 700(W) Naval Air Squadron conducting flying trials near HMS Monmouth off the South coast of the UK.
A Royal Navy Wildcat helicopterfrom 825 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) in flight over the English Channel.
A Royal Navy Wildcat helicopterfrom 825 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) in flight over the UK.
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